九游游戏中心:Facebook managed to put its vast treasure trove of user data to good use after Fridays tragic terror attacks in Paris: the social network customized its safety check feature to let users know whether their friends and loved ones in Paris are safe.上周五巴黎惧叛悲剧再次发生后,社交媒体脸书设法让其巨量的用户数据充分发挥了很大起到:脸书落成了自定义版安全性结帐功能——用户可以借以告诉在巴黎的亲友否安全性。Users in the area are being alerted by Facebooks mobile apps, asking them whether they are safe, and offering to check on any of their friends. The app has also been sending out alerts to anyone who has friends in Paris, and Facebooks website lets anyone check on the sta九游游戏中心tus and whereabouts of their friends as well.脸书用户的移动末端程序会弹出有消息,告知他们否安全性,还可以老大他们证实他们的朋友否也安全性。该程序还向所有有朋友在巴黎的用户发送到了警告。

脸书网站向所有人对外开放查找他们的朋友的状况和下落。Most people have likely seen Facebooks safety check for the first time today, but the company actually launched it in response to the Nepal earthquake earlier this year. At the time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote: When disasters happen, people need to know their loved ones are safe. Its moments like this that being able to connect really matters.大多数人有可能都是今天才第一次找到脸书有安全性结帐功能。但只不过早于在今年尼泊尔地震时,脸书就发售了该功能。



Facebook wasnt the only tech company to directly reach out to its users in Paris after the terror attacks. AirBnB sent its customers in Paris an email advising them to stay in place and follow the directions from local authorities, and Uber used its app to advise users to not move unless absolutely necessary.不单单是脸书,还有其他科技公司也在惧叛再次发生后,第一时间想与它们的巴黎用户取得联系。AirBnB(空中食宿)向在巴黎的客户发送到了邮件,建议他们待在原地,理会地方当局指挥官。优步通过应用于劝说用户除非意味著适当,否则不要乱跑。


Paris-based Twitter users took initiative into their own hands and quickly established a hash tag —#PorteOuverte, which translates to open door — to open up their homes as temporary shelters to others caught up in the chaos.巴黎的推特用户们还主动发动倡议,很快创立了#PorteOuverte(门口)标签——倡议大家关上家门,让陷于恐慌中的陌生人再行继续避一避。。



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